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Henri Yire

Kome Ogene state offender, Internet hacker extraordinaire, self-proclaimed intellectual deity and federal fugitive; 
Barrister Korede Odunade astute lawyer and human rights activist; 
Linda Ebachie brilliant, gifted and of an exceptional breed; 
Agent Goke Davids quick-witted, judicious, passionate and fearless detective; 
lmadin Umaru street urchin turned heartless assassin; 
Egunu sadistic and ruthless death contractor; 
President Bello Gurau a leader struggling with formidable forces arrayed against him; 
Major Haman "The chosen One" and grand conspirator.


Operation A-Men spins a web of betrayal, violence, unconscionable brutality, and unbridled political ambition in a fictional African setting. The plot thickens by the page putting the reader through nerve-wracking heights of suspense. This is a fast-paced and cautionary tale of conspiracies in very high places. Henri Yire takes the reader into the heart of an account that is emotionally resonant as it is compelling, and he delivers a startling narrative that keeps one on edge.



"... an action-packed plot with well-rounded, realistic characters.  [This] is a murder-mystery thriller, similar to Richard Wright's A Father's Law (2008).. . Throughout the book, the dialogue mirrors the character of each speaker which adds to the local color. Allusion, analogy, descriptive details, irony, metaphor, satire, symbolism, and suspense are only a few tropes employed to keep the reader critically thinking and turning pages. Among the many themes, the message that "crime doesn't pay" rings clearly at the end of the book"

--Marie Linton Umeh, Professor of English, John Jay College (SUNY) New York and author of the biography, Flora Nwapa: A Pen and A Press (2010).





HENRI YIRE is a blogger and freelance writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. A Yaba College of Technology graduate of building technology, he developed his literary style and writing skills from devouring contemporary western political thrillers including the works of Frederick Forsythe, John Grisham, and Sidney Sheldon.




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