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THE APOSTLE OF HARMONY The Biography of CHIEF DAVID OPEYEMI ADETUNMBI (1919 - 1990) Seye Adetunmbi
THE APOSTLE OF HARMONY The Biography of CHIEF DAVID OPEYEMI ADETUNMBI (1919 - 1990) Seye Adetunmbi
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A full production project (pre-press including cover design to print production), The Apostle of Harmony was commissioned by Messrs Dayo and Seye Adetumbi for the publication of this biography of their late father, Chief D.O. Adetumbi to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his passing in 1991. The book is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2011 and is to be circulated privately by the author.

From the back cover blurb

“Man of God, teacher, keen churchman, lover of music, composer, church organist, lover of youths, community leader and man of people. Man of honour, rare breed, loving husband and benefactor of the less privileged.”

—Ekiti Anglican Diocesan Posthumous Merit Award in 1992


 “He served diligently as a member of NUT…. His capacity and ability took him to the executive council of the old Western State of Nigeria in 1971. His contribution to peace and progress at state level endeared him to the national level … elected first National Vice President in 1976 and became acting President in 1978….Fine gentleman, level headed unionist and an admirable leader blessed with all sterling qualities of a good leader. Courteous and courageous.”

—NUT [Nigerian Union of Teachers], March 1990


“….Lived a truly wonderful life in all respects. For my part, I count myself most fortunate to be numbered among his friends, to have shared his experiences, his joys and sorrows and his deep friendship, sincerity and loyalty for over fifty years.”

—Prof. Adegoke Olubummo (1923-1992)


“Lived a useful life… good to everybody… used talent for the service of God and the benefit of fellow Christians… a shining example to others.”

—Right Reverend J. O. K. Olowokure


“….Ifaki looks void and dry when and if we arrive home and miss chief Adetunmbi”

—Chief David A. Famoroti (1918-2000)


“He was a responsible and reliable friend...  honest, truthful and always stood by the truth in the face of all difficulty .... He was a man of God. He spent his life bringing joy and satisfaction to the lives of many people.”

—Venerable I. O. Alegbeleye (1911-1996)


“Keen musician, a loving father to all God’s children; the Diocesan wise man, who took delight in the service to the church and humanity.”

—Venerable B. O. Akosile


“You it was who urged us to strive, you it was who laid the foundation upon which we now build…. Have you not done enough already? If one could lend his vision (eye sight) you would long since have lent us yours.”

—Ifaki Progressive Union


 “An irreplaceable father figure, loving and loyal.”

—Prof. V. A. Williams


“A classmate, bosom and dependable friend.”

—HRH Oba J. A. Owolabi Oluyin of Iyin


Seye Adetunmbi is the fifth child and the third son of the biographical subject, Chief D.O. Adetunmbi and his wife Chief (Mrs.) Comfort Modupe Adetunmbi. A Chartered Stockbroker and Investment Banker by profession, Okan Seye Adetunmbi holds the chieftaincy title of the Okanlomo of Ikole-Ekiti.


ISBN: 978-36270-0-7 paperback

Trim Size: 6 X 9


Biography, Religion/AFRICA