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You too can Overcome Life's Challenges Paperback edition
You too can Overcome Life's Challenges Paperback edition
Manufacturer Number: 978-978-604-647-1
You too Can Overcome Life's Challenges is a captivating memoir of periods of struggle in the life of the author during which she had to make important choices of long-term significance to overcome formidable challenges. Propelled by faith, self-motivation, and dedication to success, Ifeoma battled on until she was able to overcome all the obstacles that stood in her way. It is a motivational book written to encourage anyone going through challenges to never give up. You too Can enumerates steps to be taken towards achieving success. There is a whole lot to be learned from reading You too Can. At the end of each chapter, the reader will find a summary of lessons from the stories earlier narrated. The narratives are presented in an uncomplicated manner for easy understanding. The writer utilizes quotations from accomplished world figures and reputable individuals as well as stories of events in her own life to emphasize her points.

"Typical counsel from me to young people is a charge to read biographies. We learn from the lives of others who have treaded a path of purpose. When a Return on Experience (ROE) from a life's walk is synthesized into a book of lessons from an engaged life, what we often get is a power pack of nuggets of wisdom and capsules that energize. Ifeoma Ndiolo has played participant observer in her own challenged course of being and from it provides milk on which the suckling young and old can grow strong. Rich, colorful and eventful yet thought provoking."

- Professor Pat Utomi

Professor of Political Economy and Management Expert,

Founder/CEO, Centre for Values in Leadership

Ifeoma Ndiolo holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka with combined honors in English and History, and an MBA in Marketing from Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria. She is a certified Insurance Producer in North Carolina. As her diverse educational background hints, she has had a successful professional career in varied fields of endeavor. She is the proud mother of Dr. Adaora Brenda Irene Obi who lives in Scotland, UK. Ifeoma currently lives in North Carolina and works in the healthcare industry, while also actively pursuing her writing and literary endeavors.

ISBN: 978-978-604-647-1 (PB)

Trim Size: 6 X 9 ins

Page count: 158pp